1,277 Out of 7,728 Prospective Teachers Pass Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE)

Out of the 7,728 prospective teachers who sat for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) last month, only 1,277 successfully passed the examination.

This represents approximately 16.5 percent of the candidates who took the exam, which was introduced to license teaching practitioners in the country.

In a pre-release interview with the Registrar of GTLE, Dr Christian Addai-Poku, it was revealed that all the candidates had attempted the exam at least twice, with some even sitting for it as many as nine times. The results of the examination, which was conducted last month, are scheduled to be released at noon today.

Expressing concern about the high failure rate, Dr Addai-Poku explained that those who did not pass would have one more opportunity to rewrite the exam later in the year before its format and content undergo changes. However, candidates who fail again will be required to take the revised GTLE, known as the Subject-based GTLE, which is set to be implemented later this year.

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The Subject-based GTLE will initially be taken by fresh teacher trainees who will be attempting the examination for the first time. Candidates who fail their final chance and wish to continue retaking the exam will need to possess a first degree, as those with a diploma will be required to upgrade to a first degree before being eligible to resit the exam.

Dr Addai-Poku emphasized that the examination is undergoing reforms and restructuring. Unlike the current format where candidates are examined in numeracy, literacy, and professional skills, the revised exam will focus on the specific area of specialty. For example, a candidate aspiring to teach geography will be examined not only in the three aforementioned areas but also in geography.

The GTLE, administered by the National Teaching Council (NTC), was established under Section 9 of the Education Act, 2008 (Act 778) with the aim of improving the professional standing and status of teachers in Ghana. The exam was first conducted in September 2018 and serves the purpose of granting qualified teachers a professional license, as well as attracting competent graduates who possess the necessary professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for effective teaching in schools.

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