4 ways to stay sexually intimate in a long distance relationship

You may be miles away from your loved one, but this does not mean it’s impossible to keep your intimacy ablaze. Below are some practical tips to satisfy each other’s sexual needs despite the vast difference in time and distance.

You will spend a whole lot of time apart from your boo and what this means is that to keep the relationship alive, you would need a lot of communication. You can’t spend the whole time talking about everything else but sex.

You should get really comfortable with each other. Cover as much ground as you can. Talk about desires preferences, review the last time you got together, ask each other what you enjoyed and be determined to do more of that. The things that didn’t work should be left out.You can get creative with your texting [Credit Glamour]

And it’s not just dirty talk You should share articles and insights, discuss how your sex life affirms and supports the relationship you’re working to sustain. Take time to ensure that you’re on the same page, and that you’re both getting what you need.

You don’t have all the time in the world to enjoy sexual intimacy like other couples so the goal should be to make the best out of the little time you get with each other.

By already addressing these issues, you know how to maximize the pleasure in the limited time that you get to spend with each other every now and then.

This is a no-brainer actually. You should be able to trust your partner enough to protect these private images. Afterall, why go into a long distance relationship in the first instance if you do not trust your partner that much?

Get creative. Send those images and clips.

Something as simple as a sexy voice note in your turned on voice can do the trick sometimes. But don’t cramp your style by limiting yourself to only the things listed in this piece.

4. Address Your Anxieties

Long-distance relationships can be challenging to manage at the onset. A stable connection can encounter difficulties when the other moves to another city. Different time zones can interfere with plans to connect. Given these strains, some friction is understandable. Let the other person know about your anxieties, even worries that may seem trivial. Communication is key.

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