5 Common Causes of Low Sperm Count you didn’t know About

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Sperm count declines can drastically lower the likelihood of conception, which is a major worry for men globally.

Medical practitioners determine that dilated testicular veins, hereditary chromosomal disorders, and hormonal imbalances are associated with decreased sperm count. These circumstances may prevent sperm from passing through, resulting in early damage indicators.

The majority of men would prefer to not have any sperm at all, but according to study, a sperm count is deemed below normal if there are less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Even with low sperm counts, many men are nevertheless able to become parents.

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Apart from genetic or hormonal factors, there are everyday behaviors and habits that may inadvertently cause harm and reduce the number of sperm.

Based on study, GhanaWeb has enumerated these practices and causes, illuminating elements that people may not be aware of.

Tight Boxer Shorts

Most men would much rather wear boxers than tight pants. Your testicles are frequently kept closer to the body by these tight pants, which raises body warmth and kills sperm in addition to lowering sperm count.

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The most frequent cause of decreased sperm count may be infections, particularly those that are sexually transmitted.

They can stop sperm production or result in an abnormal discharge, and they typically appear in the testicles. A number of these infections may have their origins in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like HIV or gonorrhea.

If left untreated, these infections could cause irreversible damage to the testis, which would make it impossible to conceive.


Varicoceles, or enlargement of the veins in the testicles, is a common cause of poor sperm count and infertility in men.

The elevated temperature that varicoceles cause inside the testis may destroy some sperm or lower the quality of the sperm. However, medical experts claim that this is treatable.

Prolonged Use of Laptops & Phones

The regular usage of laptops under one’s lap is another prevalent cause of decreased sperm count. While in use, most computers can produce heat as high as 70°C.

Because of this, using laptops on one’s lap for extended periods of time can harm a man’s ability to reproduce.

When using a laptop, health experts advise placing it on a table or desk. Health professionals recommend carrying mobile phones in the rear pocket.

Drugs, Steroids and Alcohol

Research have indicated that abusing alcohol and certain legal and illicit substances can have a lasting impact on a man’s ability to reproduce.

Certain anti-inflammatory medications, such as sulfasalazine, as well as several anti-cancer medications, have been shown to harm sperm.

Low sperm counts can also be caused by using illegal drugs such as cocaine, tobacco, marijuana, and others.

GhanaWeb originally published this article on April 2, 2021.

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