5 compliments women want to stop hearing from men

Compliments are important in relationships if you want things to work out well.

As couples, when you compliment each other frequently, you are thickening the bond and connection. It also shows that you really appreciate who they are as a whole. When you compliment your significant other over and over again, that relationship can last.

There are some compliment you can say to a woman that won’t sit down well with her. To you as a guy, you might not know that she doesn’t find that particular compliment exciting or appeasing. How then can we identify these Compliments and avoid saying it?

Below are some Compliments a woman wants to stop hearing from you.

1. “You look different in person than in pictures“. Women don’t like this type of compliment at all. As a guy, you might mean that she is more beautiful in person than in photos. But to ladies, they don’t know whether you mean in it a bad way or a good way.

Speaking out of experience, most girls don’t like this compliment at all. If you like saying this, you need to start reducing the way you say it because your woman might not like it.

2. “I love your shape“. This compliment makes a woman feel so uncomfortable. Most especially if the lady you are complimenting doesn’t have the shape you are talking about. Some ladies don’t find this compliment romantic.

3. “You are beautiful not to have a boyfriend“. Most guys are guilty and they can agree with me that they say this all the time, especially when they stop a lady and ask her if she is single. Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean she should have a boyfriend. It’s like saying she is pretty but lacks sense.

So guys, you really need to stop saying this.

4. “You are really smart“. Most ladies see this compliment unattractive because to them, the guy expected her to be dull or something.

5. “You are really beautiful“. Of course, she knows that pretty she is beautiful because most guys have made it known to her. Most ladies often get bored of hearing this compliment, they expect the guy to devise another way of complimenting her beauty.

Guys, Take Note!!!

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