5 Secrets you should keep from your partner

In a relationship, it is often acceptable to reduce openness from 100% to 90% or less. Secrets play an important role in a relationship.

And this is why: There are particular individuals who can’t stand the truth. They are not just designed to remain composed or rational in the face of certain truths, thus it does not make them bad people or bad partners.

Here are 6 secrets your partner should not know;

  • Your Sexual History

Although it could occasionally come up in discussion, relationship experts claim that discussing your sexual history with your current partner has virtually no advantages, aside from any potential medical issues you might have (like if you both have had your STDs tested recently, for example).

  • Your Secret Single Behaviors

It’s very common for us all to act strangely when we’re by ourselves. It’s best to keep some of these habits to oneself, like consuming an entire cake while watching TV. According to love expert Erica Gordon, such knowledge has no positive effects on your relationship and really kills the romance and intrigue in it. Your partner doesn’t necessarily need to be aware of it.

  • Never admit you prefer something about your ex.

It is unnecessary to discuss with your partner the qualities of your previous partner that you enjoyed most. It’s possible that your ex had more enjoyable interests or was more enjoyable to be around, but neither of you would likely gain anything from it. Instead of contrasting the two, you ought to invest more time in building on what you gained from your new connection.

  • Don’t disclose how you spend your personal money

You’re undoubtedly aware that couples have shared money while yet maintaining separate bank accounts. Couples do this for a variety of reasons. However, there are occasions when you really must spend money on yourself while your partner is unaware. Telling them about how you used to be a spendthrift may have an affect on you later on when you probably spend money in a terrible way.

  • Conceal minor doubts

Everyone has relationship doubts, whether their relationships are old or fresh. You will begin to have doubts about trivial topics, which may cause you to reconsider your relationship status. If this is your first time feeling this way, you don’t have to tell your spouse right away. This is because it will increase your partner’s uneasiness and painful sentiments, perhaps jeopardizing your relationship. Most of the time, you should learn to process your sentiments until they get larger and stronger, at which point you may communicate them with your spouse.

  • Conclusion

All of the secrets that most couples have should be kept private rather than spilling the beans. Most relationships succeed only because of the care and respect we simply maintain every day. Always remember to be cautious and attentive before revealing somebody anything in order to keep your connection alive.



Esther December 16, 2022 - 6:05 pm

Thanks for the tip

Ghanaian myths about Sex March 27, 2023 - 1:30 am

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