Abandoned baby rescued by 4 EMT’s in Achimota Forest

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A team of dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from the National Ambulance Service has successfully rescued a two-week-old female baby who was abandoned in the Achimota forest in the Greater Accra region.

The incident unfolded as the EMT crew was on their way from responding to an emergency at the Ga West Municipal Hospital.

The remarkable rescue was made possible thanks to the vigilance and compassion of Mr. Alex Garther, a pastor who had gone to the Achimota forest for prayer. While in the forest, he was inexplicably drawn to turn around, leading him to the discovery of the newborn baby, tightly wrapped and left alone in the bush.

“I came here to pray and immediately I came out from my car, something pushed me to turn around. That was when I saw a new born baby wrapped and left alone in the bush. I called a woman who was passing by to have a look and later we saw an ambulance approaching, so we stopped them to help us in this rescue.” According to an eye witness

Mr. Garther immediately took action, calling a passing woman to verify the situation. Fortunately, an ambulance was approaching at that very moment, and with their help, the baby’s rescue was set into motion.

SEMT Ebenezer Andoh-Acquah, a member of the EMT crew, described the precarious state in which they found the infant, wrapped with a polythene bag covering her head and neck, putting her at risk of suffocation. With prompt intervention, the crew ensured proper airway maintenance and vital sign checks for the baby.

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“When we got to scene, I saw the child struggling to move, breath and then suffocating. So quickly I picked and unwrapped her, the vital signs were taken and we ensured proper airway maintenance,” he stated.

The two-week-old baby girl was transported to the Achimota hospital for further medical attention and care. The successful rescue serves as a heartening example of the dedication and compassion exhibited by emergency medical professionals.

The EMT crew members involved in this heroic rescue are AEMT Jabez Dodoo, SEMT Ebenezer Andoh-Acquah, EMT Coster Brady, and EMT Ezekiel Annan. Their swift action and commitment to saving lives have not only given the abandoned baby a chance at survival but have also inspired hope and reaffirmed the importance of community vigilance in ensuring the welfare of the most vulnerable among us.

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