Accra Regional Police Commander Summoned Over Alleged Assault on Protestors

The Police Management Board has summoned the Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, COP Sayibu Gariba, regarding the assaults that occurred during the #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstrations.

This move comes in response to the serious concerns raised over the matter, and COP Gariba has been asked to provide an explanation of the events.

During the protests, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Accra for three days of anti-government protests, citing economic hardship. These protests resulted in dozens of arrests on the first day.

Despite orders from the police, the group leaders persisted with the protest. On September 21, the police prevented the group from assembling at Jubilee House, leading to the arrest of 49 members of Democracy Hub.

In related developments, NPP MP for Gushegu, Hassan Tampuli, characterized the protests as a failure. He stated that the demonstration failed because the leaders did not submit their petition outlining their concerns as expected. He noted that he had been designated by the government to receive the petition, but it was never submitted.

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Hassan Tampuli further explained, “It became very necessary for us to meet them. At some point, I was told for instance that all of them wanted to come. So we said okay, we will move to where you are if you just want to present a petition. I will move under escort to wherever they were.

That was when I was told that actually there was no petition. So it is like a right that has been exercised but the point hasn’t been drummed home. So the leadership actually failed.”

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstration was organized by a group called Democracy Hub. The group is demanding that the government address the country’s economic problems and investigate allegations of corruption.

The demonstration was held from Thursday, September 21, 2023 to Saturday, September 23. The protesters gathered at the 37 Lorry Station and attempted to march to the Jubilee House, the seat of government.

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