Akrobeto advises Efia Odo to refrain from negative remarks about men’s financial status

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Famous Kumawood actor, Akwasi Boadi, widely known as Akrobeto, is offering advice to social media personality Efia Odo, urging her to refrain from making negative remarks about men whom she perceives as not being in her social class due to their financial status.

Expressing his viewpoint on the Real News program on UTV recently, the highly respected actor suggested that the adage “no one knows tomorrow” should guide Efia Odo to exercise caution in her statements regarding men she considers financially disadvantaged.

Akrobeto’s commentary stems from recent comments by Efia Odo, in which she asserted that she would never entertain the idea of dating a man who is still “struggling in life.”

These statements were made during a ‘Keeping it 100’ podcast that delved into relationships, financial expectations, and societal norms last week.

In her discussion, she firmly conveyed that she has moved beyond the phase where she would accept modest allowances from men simply because they lack the financial means to meet her expectations.

Efia Odo was unequivocal that she would not enter into a relationship with a man who earns ¢3,000, emphasizing that such men have no reason to approach her.

However, Akrobeto believes that Efia’s stance might not be the most appropriate, as the financial circumstances of individuals who are currently less well-off could improve over the years.

“Efia, let me tell you something. Efia, nobody knows tomorrow as I always say. What we see today will be different from what we see tomorrow. As you see Boamah hustling today, in two to three years later, Boamah will change, and things will turn out well for Boamah.

“You should remember that you were once unpopular in Ghana but as time went by, people got to know you. This also implies that the man you think does not have money will one day make it in life.

“I have hustled before. The lady I was with through my hustle was in America but she left me because she felt I was nobody. But today, if not for anything, my name is being mentioned in Ghana and other countries. So, nobody knows tomorrow,” he stated.

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