Alhaji Grusah blasts reporters over a $100K appearance fee report, saying that some of them are on weed.

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Alhaji Abdul Karim Grusah, a member of the Black Stars management committee, attacked some sports writers and impliedly referred to them as ‘weed’ smokers in his criticism.

Grusah’s explanation was published following a claim that, Black Stars management team members received $100,000 each in lieu of appearance fees for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

He gave a rhetorical answer to the question of whether the members received an appearance fee before attacking the reporter. He believed that since they also risked their lives traveling to Qatar, receiving the aforementioned sum wouldn’t have been illegal.

He told Akoma FM: “is it a crime? If we took the money, is it a crime? Didn’t I risk my life boarding the plane? Did I risk my life or not? those who are talking were they there when we got beaten in Nigeria? It is some journalists who are on weed but now they can talk because God has helped them we know them.”

He added, “if any Ghanaian says $100,000 is not any money, that person is a thief. We deserve it, we left our jobs and went. It’s not every day you will get $100,000 but sometimes when things are ok you will get more than that. But if it’s a crime, they should let us know it’s wrong. They should tell us it’s a crime then we will return the money.”

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Grusah did not confirm or dispute the receipt of the alleged $100,000 appearance fee, he claimed that they deserved the payment, if it had been paid at all.

According to the budget provided by the sports minister Mustapha Uusif, the country spent just over $8 million during the group stage, with the majority of the funds going toward appearance fees.

Ghana black stars exited the World Cup competition after placing last in group H.

Each of the technical team and the 26-man squad’s appearance fees was $100,000.

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