“All be Lie” – Shatta Wale dispels Yvonne Nelson’s shocking pregnancy revelation and Sarkodie’s alleged denial

Ghanaians have been caught off guard by a surprising revelation made by actress Yvonne Nelson, claiming that popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie impregnated her in 2010 but denied the pregnancy.

The actress’s disclosure has stirred significant debate and captured the attention of the media and the public. Following her revelation, both Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie have been trending on Twitter as discussions around the topic intensify.

Opinions regarding the claim are divided. While some people believe Yvonne Nelson’s account, others, like well-known musician Shatta Wale, express skepticism. Shatta Wale, known for his outspoken nature, has publicly questioned the veracity of Yvonne Nelson’s allegations, suggesting that they may lack substantiation or misrepresent the truth.

In a tweet, Shatta Wale expressed his doubts, stating, “Oh no, Sark can’t do that? I don’t believe this aaaahhhhโ€ฆ #Abortion, like how? Sark? Naaaaโ€ฆ He won’t even kill a mosquitoโ€ฆ All be lie.”

However, it appears that Shatta Wale’s response was meant to be sarcastic, as his subsequent posts seem to mock the situation rather than express genuine doubt.

The controversy surrounding Yvonne Nelson’s revelation has sparked a lively discussion within the Ghanaian entertainment industry and among the general public. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how both Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie will address the situation and whether further clarifications or responses will be provided.

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