‘All that money and still couldn’t buy a good wig’ – Efia Odo Mocks Cecilia Dapaah

Taking to Twitter, Efia Odo, a prominent Ghanaian musician and social media personality, offered her perspective on the Cecilia Dapaah incident that unfolded in July 2023.

The controversy revolved around the Minister for Sanitation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah, and allegations of theft involving two of her domestic staff members.

The accusations encompassed the theft of substantial amounts of money, including approximately 1 million dollars and £300,000, along with valuable clothing and jewelry. This revelation triggered inquiries into the source of the minister’s wealth by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), leading to searches of her residences.

During these searches, authorities uncovered large sums of money, with $590,000 and Gh¢2.7 million found at her Abelemkpe residence.

Efia Odo, in her Twitter commentary, directed her criticism towards the sanitation minister’s appearance, specifically noting the lackluster quality of her wigs despite having access to significant financial resources. The musician’s critique seemed to center around the idea that someone with ample means should invest in improving their overall appearance, including the quality of their personal grooming items like wigs.

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This tweet from Efia Odo highlighted a social aspect of the incident, focusing on perceptions of wealth, presentation, and personal choices.

In her tweet, Efia Odo playfully remarked, “Even with all that money, she couldn’t buy a decent wig. The wig is stiffer than wood.”

However, her tweet faced criticism from numerous followers who interpreted her comment as insensitive and belittling a serious issue.

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