Anti-LGBTQI Bill Will Not Deter Investors – Sam George Responds to US Ambassador

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The Member of Parliament representing Ningo Prampram, Sam George, has responded to the comments made by the United States Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, regarding the anti-LGBTQI bill.

The MP has expressed disagreement with Ambassador Palmer’s concerns about the potential impact of the bill on foreign investments in Ghana.

Taking to social media, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) legislator asserted that Ghana holds strong values and is committed to maintaining its integrity. He countered Ambassador Palmer’s viewpoint by suggesting that her remarks imply American investors are primarily interested in countries that lack values.

In his response, the MP emphasized that Ghana stands firm in its principles and will not compromise its core values for the sake of attracting foreign investments. This statement underscores his belief that the nation’s cultural and moral standards should not be sacrificed to appease foreign interests.

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“You have expressed fears that investors from the US would not find Ghana attractive if we as Ghanaians uphold our values and reject the depravity of LGBTQI. I find that really surprising.

“Are American investors looking to invest in a country and with partners who have no values? I thought the basic test of a potential partner is integrity and values. Ghana, as you know, is very intolerant of religious extremism. Has that made American investors wary of Ghana as an intolerant investment destination?” The MP quizzed.

The Member of Parliament further noted that the upcoming anti-LGBT bill, which Ghana’s Parliament is in the process of passing, shares similarities with legislation in certain American states. He pointed out that such laws have not deterred investors in those states, and therefore, it should not be a cause for concern that the bill would negatively affect investments in Ghana.

This comparison suggests that the bill’s existence in Ghana would not necessarily create a barrier for foreign investors, as similar legislation in the United States has coexisted with investments.

“Let me reassure you and the U.S. Embassy Ghana that Ghana remains welcoming and open to American investors as a stable, viable democracy. We welcome investors who value the principles of integrity and respect the cultural values of their partners.

“I am confident it should not be a worry as our intended legislation is NOT different from American laws in states like Florida and Kentucky. I believe the US Supreme Court agrees largely with Ghana’s position,” he said.

In response to Ambassador Palmer’s comments, the Member of Parliament emphasized that Ghana, as a nation, holds certain values and principles that it is committed to upholding. He countered the notion that passing the anti-LGBT bill would discourage investors, arguing that the bill’s content is aligned with similar laws present in certain American states.

By drawing this comparison, he suggested that investors have continued to engage with those American states despite such legislation. This perspective seeks to assert that Ghana’s commitment to its values should not necessarily hinder its appeal to investors, especially if other jurisdictions with similar laws have not faced negative investment outcomes.

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