Ashanti NDC Accuses Government of Neglect and Marginalization in Developmental Projects

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The Ashanti regional chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), an opposition group, has strongly criticized the government, accusing it of neglect and marginalization in terms of development in the Ashanti area.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is specifically targeted in these allegations, with claims of a deliberate lack of attention and resources directed towards the region’s progress.

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Frank Amoakohene, the NDC’s Ashanti Region Secretary, expressed concern during a news conference in Kumasi, pointing to what he described as a purposeful denial of developmental projects for the Ashanti region when compared to other areas experiencing consistent infrastructure improvements.

Amoakohene urged voters to consider voting against the NPP in the upcoming 2024 elections, expressing dissatisfaction with what he perceives as neglect towards the Ashanti region. He stressed the importance of the government expediting the completion of all stalled projects in the region.

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“We believe that the Ashanti region has been overlooked in terms of development. It’s even reflected in his appointments, including ministers, CEOs, and others. We believe that this current NPP set-up has nothing to offer the Ashanti region,” said the NDC’s Ashanti Regional Secretary. These criticisms highlight the ongoing political discourse regarding regional development disparities within the country.

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