Award-Winning Musician KiDi Reflects on His Break from Music

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Award-winning musician KiDi recently opened up about the transformative impact of his break from music earlier this year.

In an exclusive interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, KiDi shared how this hiatus has allowed him to undergo significant personal growth and change, especially in how he handles trolls and false news on social media.

KiDi candidly expressed, “There has been a lot of shift in my mind. I am not the same person I was in February. Now I have reached a place where I understand certain things in life.”

Health Issues and Rumors

In February, KiDi had to cancel his North American tour due to undisclosed health issues. Unfortunately, this led to speculations and unfounded rumors about his health, including false claims of suffering from a stroke.

In an Instagram post addressing his fans and the public, KiDi stated, “A little under two months ago, I made the painful decision of cancelling my tour to take care of my health that included taking time off social media. In that time, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from family, friends, fans, and the brands I work with. You all made me feel incredibly loved in this difficult period, and I can’t appreciate you enough.”

Self-Reflection and Clarity

During his break, KiDi took the opportunity to reflect on various aspects of his life and gain clarity on how to navigate the challenges that come with fame and internet scrutiny.

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Dealing with Online Negativity

A major topic of discussion during the interview focused on how KiDi now deals with online negativity and false information.

KiDi emphasized that he has come to understand that hurtful comments and malicious rumors directed at celebrities do not define who they are as individuals.

“I now know that when people come on social media and say the things they say, it’s not really about me. Some of them are unhappy in life. If you are unhappy, you take that out on anything and everything,” he said.

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