Bring back old SHS calendar system – Former GES Director to Gov’t

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Charles Aheto Tsegah, a former director general of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has encouraged the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to bring second-cycle schools back to the prior calendar system.

He claimed that the new calendar is unclear and contradictory and does not benefit kids in a report for

Mr. Aheto-Tsegah urged the two education management organizations to come up with strategies for increasing the number of contact hours pupils receive in order to complete the curriculum.

He claimed that the existing system, which has reduced the length of the academic year, is ineffective for teaching and does not allow pupils enough time to cover the necessary material.

The new calendar system, according to Mr. Aheto-Tsegah, is producing conflicts in the academic calendar since some schools are starting at various times, depriving pupils of crucial instructional time.

He asserted that switching back to the previous calendar system, which employed a methodical and thorough approach, would be advantageous for both students and teachers.

In order to effectively complete the program and gain the necessary skills and knowledge, the former director general of GES underlined the requirement for students to have greater teaching time.

When deciding on the academic calendar, he encouraged the Ministry of Education and the GES to take this into account.

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