Cape Coast High Court Upholds Marriage of Mary Nyamekye Oduro and Dominic Fobih

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The Cape Coast High Court has upheld the marriage between thirty-year-old Mary Nyamekye Oduro and eighty-year-old former education minister Dominic Fobih.

Following the court’s decision, the couple can now enjoy their union without any obstacles, as the verdict deemed the arguments against their marriage as lacking merit.

As part of the court’s ruling, Professor Fobih was urged to forgive his nephew, Nicholas Fobih, and his son, Dr. Nick Fobih, for their opposition to his marriage.

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The legal dispute arose when a video of Professor Fobih’s traditional marriage to Mary went viral in May 2023, sparking criticism due to the significant age difference between the couple.

Mary faced questions about her intentions, with some opponents labeling her as a “sugar daughter” and suggesting her primary interest was in Professor Fobih’s wealth.

In addition to concerns about the age gap and Professor Fobih’s health following a stroke, objections centered on allegations of infidelity and fears that Mary might exploit or harm Professor Fobih for financial gain.

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After considering the arguments presented, the court concluded that the objections raised by Nicholas Fobih and Dr. Nick Fobih lacked substance.

As a result, the court imposed a financial penalty of GHC 20,000 on each objector. Nevertheless, the court also encouraged Professor Fobih to forgive his nephew and son for their attempts to prevent his marriage.

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