Chris Hughton expresses disappointment with Ghana – Madagascar result

Chris Hughton, the coach of the Ghanaian national football team, the Black Stars, has voiced his disappointment following their failure to secure a victory against Madagascar in their Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier in Antananarivo on Sunday.

Expressing his frustration, the 64-year-old coach, Chris Hughton revealed that the team had approached the game with the intention of winning but ultimately had to settle for a draw after the full 90 minutes of play.

During an interview with following the match, the former manager of Tottenham Hotspur expressed his displeasure with the team’s inability to convert their dominance in possession into goals. Despite controlling the game and enjoying a significant share of possession, the Black Stars were unable to capitalize on their opportunities and find the back of the net.

Hughton’s disappointment stems from the missed chances and the team’s failure to translate their dominance into a favorable result. The coach and his team now face the task of regrouping and addressing the areas that need improvement as they continue their journey in the AFCON qualifiers.

The draw against Madagascar serves as a reminder for the Black Stars that they must remain focused and work on their finishing to secure positive outcomes in future matches. Hughton and his coaching staff will analyze the performance, identify areas for growth, and strive to ensure that the team can convert their control of the game into tangible success in future fixtures.

“Yes, we are very disappointed. We came with an attitude and mindset to win but to win a football match you need to score goals. We found it difficult today.

The Ghana gaffer also blamed the rugged pitch for their inability to score but believed that could not be too much of an excuse because both teams played on the same field.

“The pitch is difficult, it’s an uneven pitch but it’s the same for both teams and we needed to be forceful in the key areas to create more opportunities to score so the fact that we didn’t score is the most disappointing thing.”

Acknowledging the challenging nature of the game, Coach Chris Hughton recognized the increasing competitiveness of teams on the continent and emphasized that there are no longer any “cheap sides” in African football.

Reflecting on the match, Hughton admitted that they faced a tough opponent and recognized the progress made by teams across the continent. He highlighted the fact that African football has evolved, with teams improving their standards and becoming more formidable.

The coach’s statement suggests that there are no longer any teams in African football that can be underestimated or considered easy opponents. This demonstrates the growing quality and competitiveness within the continent, making every match a significant challenge for the Black Stars and other teams alike.

Hughton’s remark underscores the need for the Ghanaian national team and other African teams to approach every game with the utmost preparation, respect for their opponents, and a determination to perform at their best. It serves as a reminder that success in African football requires consistent effort and adaptability in order to overcome the formidable opposition encountered on the continent.

“The game was tough, just as in every game, there’s no easy game on the continent. We had a lot of possession even in the first half but to change the momentum of the game, you needed to score.

“Because the longer the game goes when you don’t score, you give Madagascar the encouragement. They are playing in front of the home supporters who were cheering them on, and they were growing in confidence so at any stage we needed to score to change the feeling of the game.

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