Community Protection Assistants Allowance Increased by 30%

The Community Protection Assistants’ (CPAs’) monthly stipends have been increased by 30% by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA).

With the increase, the personnel would start receiving monthly allowances of GHC 500 in January 2023.

At a ceremony in Accra to symbolically culminate the successful completion of the training courses held concurrently for the first batch of the newly trained CPAs across the nation, Alhaji Bashiru Ibrahim, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in-charge of operations at YEA, made this known.

One-third of the 15,000 young men and women who will be hired nationwide over the following three months to help the police with community security were included in the first batch of CPAs, which included 5,000 recipients.

A previous memorandum of agreement between the YEA and the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to offer an auxiliary position in the service and aid the police in upholding peace and order in the communities was followed by the training arrangement.

The CPAs trainees were introduced to topics such client care, traffic management, community policing, criminal law, and criminal process.

Others included managing public order, fundamental police skills, human rights, criminal investigation, and evidence preservation.

The remaining topics included crime prevention strategies, fundamental terrorist education, domestic violence, ethics, and a law enforcement official’s code of conduct.

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The Deputy CEO made the observation that community policing had been ingrained in the staff’s understanding, and as a result, they were expected to maintain that position and behave as good representatives of the organization.

He warned that the organization would not hesitate to fire any CPA who misbehaved while doing their jobs by assuming the status of police officers and officer ranks in order to falsely represent themselves and mislead the public.

Such behavior, he added, was unacceptable. He then gave the example of a CPA who had misrepresented himself to locals in the region where he had been stationed to help the police.

In order to increase their chances of being hired into the mainstream service in the future, he advised the CPAs to abide by the laws and regulations controlling their training.

He said that the organization was prepared and dedicated to the President’s mission to combat young unemployment, and that measures had already been done with a recruiting push into the conventional modules.

The training program was a success, according to Chief Superintendent of Police Samuel Asiedu Okanta, who served as the National Police Training School’s (NPTS) commanding officer, because of the way the cadets behaved.

He pleaded with the graduating staff to maintain order at all times and make an effort to interact politely with the general public.

When carrying out your responsibilities as a CPA employee, “you should respect and defend human dignity, safeguard and support human rights of all individuals you will come across,” he stated.

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