“Comparing me to Sarkodie elevates his ego; We are not equals” – Shatta Wale

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Dancehall sensation Shatta Wale has taken a firm stance against being compared to rapper Sarkodie, suggesting that such comparisons could inadvertently boost Sarkodie’s ego.

Shatta’s remarks come as a response to Ola Michael’s recent critique of his being granted a diplomatic passport due to what Ola Michael labeled as ‘questionable behavior’ on social media. This exchange occurred on the United Showbiz program over the weekend.

In Shatta Wale’s perspective, Ola Michael could have instead drawn parallels between him and fellow artist Samini, who, in Shatta’s eyes, occupies a similar status in the industry.

Shatta Wale further elaborated on his stance by highlighting that during the era of his hit track “Bandana,” neither Sarkodie nor Stonebwoy had achieved significant prominence.

“The moment you compare me to Sarkodie then you make him feel big. When I talk to him, he wants to rub shoulders with me. Where I have been, you (Sarkodie) has never been there before. You people make it seem like Sarkodie is bigger than me. He can never be bigger than me in his life.“

Some parents have first born and second born. The second born can never be bigger than the firstborn. It can never happen. I am not saying Sarkodie isn’t successful but the mindset I have, he doesn’t have it. He is doing his own stuff,” he said while speaking in an interview on Empire FM.

The musician also expressed curiosity about why he often becomes the target of critics, while his contemporaries share similar imperfections.

He pondered on the labeling of himself as the ‘king of controversies,’ questioning why he bears such a reputation while other artists, such as Stonebwoy and Sarkodie, have been embroiled in more serious scandals.

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