Comply with law on communication of prophecies – Police to Faith-Based Organizations

As the year 2022 draws to a close, the Ghana Police Service has urged the general public, particularly faith-based groups, to ensure continued compliance with the law regarding the communication of prophecies.

According to the Police, while everyone has the right to practice his or her faith in religion, freedom of worship, and free expression, this right must not be exercised at the expense of others’ rights or the public interest.

As part of maintaining the gains made thus far, the Police Service has marked December 27th as Prophecy Communication Compliance Day. This day is set aside to remind all of us to practice our faith within the bounds of the law in order to ensure a safe, secure environment free of anxiety caused by predictions of impending harm, danger, or death.

In a statement, the Police Service praised the public, particularly religious groups, for their cooperation during the period by being circumspect and aware of the law and adopting legally acceptable methods of communicating prophecies to those affected.

“This has contributed greatly to creating an environment where people are able to freely profess their faith without unnecessary anxiety and fear of impending harm or death.

“Ghana is indeed grateful to the religious leaders in particular and the religious community as a whole for their patriotic understanding of the situation,” it added.

A year ago today, December 27, 2021, the Ghana Police Service drew the attention of the general public, particularly members of the religious community, to the law regarding the communication of prophecies and urged compliance to ensure the country’s ongoing security and law and order.

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