COP Alex Mensah has dementia – Ransford Gyampo

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Professor Ransford Gyampo, a Political Science professor at the University of Ghana, has strongly criticized the assertion made by COP Alex Mensah, describing the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akufo Dampare, as the worst IGP in his 31 years of service.

Professor Gyampo characterized this claim as a blatant lie stemming from arrogance and a lapse in memory.

In his view, IGP Dampare has effectively carried out his duties and deserves praise for his performance. Professor Gyampo highlighted the IGP’s commitment to police visibility, his proactive approach to enforcing traffic rules, and his willingness to engage with the public directly, thereby demystifying the office of the Inspector General of Police.

“Any description of the current IGP as the worst in 31 years in my view is a palpable display of mental dementia, we’re talking about police visibility, were talking about arresting all without fear or favor who will run foul of traffic rules and offences, we are talking about an IGP who will not sit in the comfort of his office but getting into nitty-gritty of things, an IGP who is demystifying the office of an Inspector General of Police by bringing himself down to the ordinary people to interact with.” he stated.

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COP Alex Mensah had criticized IGP Dampare during his appearance before a parliamentary committee investigating a leaked tape in which he was implicated. He referred to the IGP as the worst he had encountered in his 31-year career in the Police Service.

“For the 31 years I have served in the Police Service, I can say he is the worst IGP the Police Service has had” COP George Alex Mensah said.

Professor Gyampo firmly stated that any attempts to discredit IGP Dampare’s work and force him out of office would be unfair to the people of Ghana and detrimental to the nation’s development efforts. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging and applauding the efforts of public officials who are dedicated to their duties.

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