Cynthia Tima Yeboah Engages with Dominic Duodu in Joyous Ceremony

Cynthia Tima Yeboah, a presenter on Adom TV, celebrated her relationship with her partner, Dominic Duodu, in a joyous ceremony.

The exclusive event took place on Thursday, July 13, at a private venue in Oda, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Cynthia, fondly known as Tima Kumkum, looked stunning in her fashionable attire, captivating all the invited guests with her elegance. She made a grand entrance, gracefully dancing towards her groom, wearing a beautifully designed corseted gown that featured a splendid combination of green and orange colors.

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Accompanied by a group of radiant and energetic bridesmaids, Tima exuded a sense of magnificence as they all gleefully made their way through the ceremony, enchanting everyone with their contagious smiles.

With her marriage to Dominic Duodu, Tima is now officially Mrs. Duodu. The couple’s white wedding is set to take place on Saturday, July 15, marking another momentous occasion in their journey together.

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