Dani Alves was imprisoned in Spain for alleged sexual assault.

One of the most popular and successful soccer players, Dani Alves, was detained on Friday after being accused of assaulting a woman in Spain. After a judge rejected his request for bail, the seasoned Brazilian right back was driven to a prison close to Barcelona in a police van.

According to police, the alleged assault occurred on December 31 at a posh nightclub in the heart of Barcelona.

After responding to a police summons while in Spain, the former Barcelona star was taken into custody. He was then driven to the courthouse by police in a police car. He had been charged with sexual assault following several hours of testimony from him, the alleged victim, and a witness, the court said. State prosecutors had requested that he be held without bail, and a judge granted their request. Alves will be held in custody until a still-undetermined date of trial unless that ruling is overturned on appeal.

Alves joined Pumas in July, and the Mexican team announced Friday that it was immediately terminating his contract. Leopoldo Silva, the president of the Pumas, stated that his organization could not continue to field Alves.

“This is an institution that promotes respect and the correct, dignified and professional behavior of its male and female players both on and off the field because they are role models in Mexico and throughout the world,” Silva said. “We cannot permit any conduct that would damage our philosophy.”

According to a new law passed last year, a charge of sexual assault or rape in Spain can result in prison terms of up to 15 years.

Alves refuted the claims in a video sent to the Spanish television station Antena 3 last week. Even though he admitted to going out dancing at the club the night of the alleged assault, he insisted that he did not know the victim and that he always treated people with respect.

image of a police van outside the Barcelona courthouse, Spain, on Friday, January 20, 2023, allegedly carrying soccer player Dani Alves.

“I was there having a good time with other people,” Alves said. “Everyone who knows me knows that I like dancing. I was having a good time, but I never invaded the personal space of anyone. I always am respectful.”

Alves, who is now 39, is one of soccer’s most accomplished players. Throughout the course of his lengthy career, he has won major championships with several top teams, including Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain. Along with the Olympic gold medal at age 38, he also assisted Brazil in capturing two Copa America championships in 2007 and 2019.

The right back has been one of soccer’s most prominent figures for more than ten years. He is known for his innovative play both on and off the field, as well as his quick wit and love of fashion.

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