Disqualify Ken Agyapong from Flagbearership Race – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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Kennedy Agyapong, the member of parliament for Assin Central, has been asked to withdraw from the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) presidential primary for the 2024 elections by attorney Maurice Ampaw.

The MP, who has declared his desire to run for the NPP flagbearership, must be disqualified, according to Maurice Ampaw, because of some of his statements and actions criticizing various state institutions.

The attorney continued, “Ken Agyapong’s statements against the judiciary prove that he cannot be a decent leader,” in an interview on Nsem Pii TV.

“…when it comes to vetting, as to who should stand for the NPP (in the upcoming election), you have to disqualify Ken Agyapong on so many grounds and one of the groups is that he is anti-judiciary.

“I’m just being honest with you because if someone wants to be a flagbearer and the person is on record insulting a judge, on record saying that there would be a coup, how do you qualify such a person?” He said in Twi.

The MP’s conduct and prior statements, he said, will drive Ghanaians to vote against the NPP should the party allow Ken Agyapong to run in the primaries and win.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong called the judge’s decision to issue an injunction against him without carrying out due diligence “dumb.”

The MP claims he has a vengeance against judges in the nation who misuse their authority while doing their official duties.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2020, Mr. Agyapong noted on the Seat Show of Net 2 TV that the reason for his seeming rage towards these judges is that they issue unjustified injunctions, particularly when it comes to the resolution of land disputes.

“Listen to the reason why I am angry. The lawyer wrote the thing on August 5, and the judge scheduled appearance for August 13. I didn’t get anything from them; then, on September 1, you granted an injunction on the property.

“You are a stupid judge; I will face you. You are a stupid judge. 18 years that I’ve had the land, nobody served me, and then I get called and told that an injunction has been placed on it. You are a stupid judge,” he declared.

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