“Don’t let me unleash my venom on you” – Achipalago warns Zionfelix

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Recently, Ghanaian-American socialite Achipalago criticized blogger Zionfelix for misrepresenting his statements in a video.

Achipalago called the blogger a “fool” for believing that the automobile he was driving was actually his in a social media post where he voiced his annoyance and dissatisfaction with him.

Achipalago is seen speaking in the aforementioned video while seated in a car while discussing the opulent lifestyle of some celebrities from Ghana.

Achipalago names a specific vehicle in the video and adds, “This is what some of these celebrities are driving.” Nonetheless, he never makes it clear that the car is his.

In response to the video, Achipalago quickly addressed the issue and clarified on social media that the car in the clip was not his.

He bemoaned the fact that Zionfelix had misunderstood what he had said and charged him with misleading his audience.

Achipalago cautioned Zionfelix not to provoke him by making him unleash his “venom” on him in his social media post.

Many of Achipalago’s supporters concurred with him, offering their support and denouncing Zionfelix’s behavior.

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