Earth tremor hits parts of Accra

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An earth tremor has struck parts of Ghana’s capital, Accra.

According to the Collins dictionary, an earth tremor is a relatively modest or short-lived movement of the earth’s surface generated by the same factors that create earthquakes.

On Monday morning, December 12, 2022, around 11:55am, two seismic waves were detected.

Adabraka, Gbawe, McCarthy Hill, and Mallam are among the areas impacted.

Many Ghanaians took to Twitter to express their feelings. Others appear to be unaware of the occurrence.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has advised Ghanaians that their organization is not set up to offer information on earth movement, which has left many bewildered.

The Agency did not specify which institution is in charge. Some Ghanaians, however, have referred to the Ghana Geological Survey Authority.

One of the Ghana Geological Survey Authority’s tasks is to “Develop and maintain a National Seismic Network to monitor earthquakes, tsunamis and blasts that have the potential to impact negatively on persons and property in the country and for optimum land-use planning.”

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