Exclusive: Africa Eminence Awards ‘23 Nominations Opens Soon

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The world is currently in a position where great minds are at work thereby effecting serious dynamism through innovations and setting forth new challenges that seek to make human existence better off than the initial.

In a world that has been best described as one that is characterized by people with competitive mindsets and compelling zeal to evolve, improve and transform, there is no doubt that, one of the best ways to keep this movement alive is to recognize,name and reward the very ones doing the most to see the world develop.

The world is seeing a great shift in the development of spaces such as media,finance,music,education,transportation,health etc and there can be no other way to honor the stakeholders in these honorable spaces than awarding their excellence.

Africa Eminence Awards being one of the best to ever carry out this honorable project has had its head organizers hinting on the 2023 royal edition.

Konad Concept; the auspicious mother company has released a press statement stating the mind of the organizing board ahead of nominations for this year’s edition.

All companies and individuals at this point are urged to stay glued to the official social media platforms for more on this very development.

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