Exclusive: Reenart Foundation Hints On Advocacy For Single Parenting-Regards Single Motherhood As Heroic.

Reenart Foundation

Parenting as an element of post-childbirth is one of the most interesting yet difficult tasks that can ever be held on and accomplished by both sides of the titled role that is Fatherhood and Motherhood.

Since life’s existence, parenting has remained constantly one of the very necessary elements considered too crucial in the upbringing of offsprings but in recent times, the dominance has come to be unfortunately single parenting unlike first where both sides of the parents stuck together and took equal responsibilities of their children.

With regards to this, it is extremely evidential that globally, women taking charge of parental roles in their own field as well as that of fathers are much more than vice versa and these are mostly as a result of rape,divorce,death of husbands (Fathers) and abuse as well as others.

For this and many other important reasons, Reenart Foundation has hinted on an advocation that seeks to bring to light the stories of mothers and women taking up single parental roles in their respective territories. This great vision has much to offer to humanity as the mission and vision put forward by the founder tells much.

Below are brief statements set forth with regards to the foundation’s mission,vision,objectives and strategies.

Our mission at reenart foundation is empower single parents to lead successful families and build strong future leader for the communities

Our vision is that all children living in a single parent home will become productive contributing members of society in the future

To encourage, educate and empower single parents to rise up and successfully lead their families to become contributing and productive citizens in their communities.
To provide the framework for a mentoring and support program for single parents and their children.

To provide a physical , emotional coach for single parents and their children.
To provide businesses with support for single parent.

The Reenart foundation principle strategies include:

Support Groups, Conferences, bringing national and locally-renowned single parent speakers as keynote presenters at events just to empower and create networking environments as well as socializing

Support Groups, Seminars and training programs, such as Wigmaking, fashion designing, decors, etc

One on One consultations.
Resources services.
An Annual scholarship award program for some children.

STORY:: UrsTruly Praiz (Socio-Political Blogger/Human Right Activist)

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