Explicit Content: Here’s why you should leave small hair around your v.agina and not shave it “sakora” – Midwife advises

A Ghanaian health practitioner, Madam Paulina Siaw Akoto has advised women to leave some hair around their v.agina whenever they shave.

She explained the rationale behind it on Okay FM saying the hair help in trapping dust and other bacteria from having direct contact with the private part. In her admonishing, she said a clean-shaven p*ssy gives room for infections to accumulate on the bare flesh.

She advised that instead of shaving everything, a bit of hair should be left to trap these unseen germs that cause infection. She also advised women against inserting all types of spices in their vaginas to make it tight.

Madam Siaw indirectly debunked the notion that chemicals and organic materials can tighten or take bad smells away from the vagina.

She said some ladies believe putting certain spices and chemicals in the vagina makes it much tighter and takes away bad odour.

However, she advised that such practices are rather harmful to the female genitalia and can disrupt its natural state in unimaginable ways.

She further advised that women only use water to wash the vagina.

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