FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar Reportedly Bribed Eight Ecuadorian Players $7.4 Million To Lose Opening Match.

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In 2010, Qatar has been accused of bribing FIFA with millions of dollars to be chosen as the host of the World Cup. And now, there’s another allegation already prior to the 2022 World Cup.

According to Amjad Taha, an expert in strategic political affairs and regional director of the British center in Saudi Arabia. He reported that eight Ecuadorian players are alleged to have been bribed $7.4 million to lose the opening game of the tournament, to be held on November 20 at the Al Bayt Stadium.

This is a very interesting and controversial story. It has raised a lot of eyebrows and questions about what this will mean for the World Cup.

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Qatar has faced an outburst of criticism on violation of human rights and now another rumour has given fans even more justification to disregard this year’s FIFA World Cup and the host country.

If Qatar is able to bribe the players, it would not only be a huge scandal, but also it would mean that the World Cup is no longer a fair competition. This is a huge blow to the integrity of the World Cup and the reputation of FIFA.

Qatar is not handling the World Cup very effectively, and the nations lack the trustworthiness of bringing people together in a tournament that unites people and cultures.

However, FIFA and the government of Qatar are yet to deny the rumours. FIFA has written to World Cup teams, encouraging them to concentrate on football in Qatar and not let the sport be dragged into ideological or political battles.

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