You might be wondering what changed in this person’s way of reasoning or that friend’s failed promises towards whatever you plan together.

It may or may not be intentional act if time has fastened a habitual lock in their minds and hearts and it may render their credibility little to nothing in your sight.

But since you love them, you should help them snap out of the disease called ‘procrastination’.


Here are the sure five ways to be credible and walk your talk this new year:

  1. Have a day plan: Start your day with a carefully-laid out schedule, have a breather between each but make sure you carry out the day’s tasks fully without leaving any behind.
  2. Set up a calendar reminder: How about noticing that phone calendars are not just for checking dates and months? You got a date with BFF and you may have to work-sleep late same day, which of course means you may have a late wake, let your calendar do the magic.
  3. Give a heads-up: As the weather condtions are not within power to navigate or moods swings not docile enough to control so we cannot always meet set-targets or honor meetings with clients, family or friends.This does not mean we should stand them up. It will not hurt to call or text them probably a day before to cancel.
  4. No vague promises: Everyone loves honesty and forewardness. These two present you to the public as reliable, capable, and more. So do not disappoint them by making uncertain promises you cannot meet.
  5. Self-encouragement: Do not wait on the cheer-leaders; be your number one fan, that one person to give yourself a pat on the shoulder before tackling any activity. Begin each step with positivity so you do not feel reluctant in any way to shine on others with maximum light to get work done.

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