Former NPP Minister Alan Kyerematen Goes Independent in 2024 Presidential Race

In an unexpected turn of events, Alan Kyerematen, a prominent figure within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the former Minister for Trade and Industry, has made the surprising announcement that he will be departing from the party and running as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2024 elections.

This decision has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, considering his longstanding affiliation with the NPP.

Kyerematen, an experienced politician, is widely acknowledged for his significant contributions to the NPP and his various roles in government positions. However, during a press conference in Accra on Monday, September 25, Mr. Kyerematen conveyed his decision, “It is abundantly clear to me, that my services and contributions to the Party are not appreciated, and that my continuous stay in the Party will create further tension and division, which is an exact replay of circumstances that led to my decision to resign from the Party in 2008.

“Under the circumstances and given the context provided, I wish to use this platform to announce that I am honourably resigning with immediate effect from the New Patriotic Party to contest for the high office of the President of the Republic of Ghana in the 2024 General Elections, as an Independent Presidential Candidate.”

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Kyerematen has underscored his commitment to addressing the critical issues confronting Ghana, such as economic development, job creation, and social welfare. He has expressed the belief that running as an independent candidate will afford him a better opportunity to serve the interests of the Ghanaian people effectively.

His decision to run as an independent candidate presents a noteworthy challenge to the established political order in Ghana and has the potential to reshape the political landscape.

This marks the second instance in which Mr. Kyerematen has parted ways with the NPP. His initial resignation from the party occurred in 2008, following his loss in the 2007 presidential primary and his subsequent perception of being sidelined. However, he was later politically coerced and subsequently rejoined the party.

Indeed, Alan Kyerematen’s decision to once again depart from the NPP and enter the 2024 elections as an independent candidate represents a momentous development in Ghanaian politics. It has the potential to introduce a new dynamic to the political landscape and will likely be closely watched as the election season unfolds.

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