Four people detained at vigil following Hamas attacks

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Four people were taken into custody after a large group of individuals assembled in Manchester to hold a ceremony following the Hamas attacks.

The dangerous group attacked on Saturday and killed many people and took many hostages.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said that the vigil on Wednesday went well and there were no major problems.

The police arrested four people because they thought they were causing trouble.

The police have released one of the suspects after doing more investigation.

In a post on social media, the police said the arrests were not for supporting Palestine. They also mentioned that people have the right to express their support for both Israel and Palestine. The post was later deleted.

The statement said that the force makes it very clear that supporting Palestine is not the same as supporting the terrorist group Hamas.

The force was asked why the post was taken down.

Mayor Andy Burnham and council leader Bev Craig from Greater Manchester spoke at the event held in St Peter’s Square.

Mr Watson said that the vigil held last night to remember and honor the victims of the terrible and hateful Hamas terrorist attack in Israel went well and without any big problems.

I appreciate our communities for coming together calmly and actively supporting each other. I also want to thank my officers for carrying out their policing duties with professionalism.

He said that there should not be any anti-Semitic hate crime in Greater Manchester.

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