Get ready to write more ‘sack’ letters – Hopeson Adorye tells NPP’s JFK.

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Hopeson Adorye, formerly a prominent figure in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who was recently expelled, is openly expressing dissatisfaction with the verdict. In a media interview, Adorye, seemingly unfazed by his removal, confidently highlighted his prior contributions to the party, suggesting they may seek his support in the future.

Now liberated to openly discuss his erstwhile party without reservations, Adorye sent a message to the General Secretary, Justin Koduah Frimpong, hinting that a surplus of letterheads should be prepared as he, Adorye, now enjoys his “freedom.”

“The General Secretary should get a lot of letterheads down because he is going to write a lot of letters. I have my freedom. I decide where I should belong to,” quoted Adorye to have said.

Foreseeing potential turmoil within the NPP as the 2024 elections draw near, Adorye predicted a wave of mass resignations.

Adorye, defending his allegiance to the NPP, issued a challenge for anyone in the party to assert greater loyalty than him, particularly before he pledged support to Alan Kyerematen.

He questioned, “When people are dissing the party, who runs to the radio, television, and defends the party? When the top hierarchy is being attacked, who goes to defend them?”

Rejecting the idea of being sacked, Adorye argued that his departure from the party was implicitly conveyed by endorsing breakaway member Alan Kyerematen and his independent presidential candidacy.

Despite the party’s official expulsion letter on November 20, 2023, Adorye asserted he was already cognizant of his terminated membership, questioning the need for a formal communication.

He brushed aside the letter as “just a waste of time,” underscoring that he and others, including former General Secretary Ohene Ntow, were well aware of the provisions of the party’s constitution

Confident in the future, Adorye envisions that over time, the NPP might seek his input. Unfazed by the situation, he remarked, “I am not worried. It is no problem.”

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