Getting pregnant was a long and almost hopeless journey – Selly Galley

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Television personality and actress, Selly Galley, along with her husband Steven Fiawoo, also known as Praye Tietia, are overflowing with happiness as they welcome their twins into the world.

This joyous occasion comes after eight years of marriage, during which the couple openly shared their struggles with fertility.

The well-known duo, who tied the knot in September 2015, have been candid about their challenges in conceiving a child. However, their journey through the storm has finally reached a joyful destination, as they officially announced the birth of their twins on August 27.

Selly Galley has taken to social media to express her immense gratitude and emotions. She has described her experience of pregnancy and the eventual birth of their twins as a “long and almost hopeless journey.” Throughout this trying time, she held onto her faith and remained resilient, ultimately being blessed with the arrival of their precious babies.

In another heartwarming social media post, she expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who stood by her with unwavering support during the challenging moments that tested her faith.

Rumors about Selly Galley giving birth to twins began circulating last week. However, these reports were met with skepticism due to previous instances where similar news about the former Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative’s childbirth turned out to be untrue.

Yet, Selly and Praye Tietia have firmly dispelled all doubts by officially announcing the arrival of their precious gifts just yesterday.

Coincidentally, this joyous news comes exactly one year after Praye Tietia, affectionately known as Cartel Big J, revealed in an interview that his wife had experienced the loss of twins in 2021.

The couple’s journey has been marked by both challenges and triumphs, making this moment of their twins’ birth even more meaningful and heartwarming. Their determination, resilience, and the outpouring of love from their well-wishers have undoubtedly contributed to this joyous chapter in their lives.

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