Ghana Meteorological Agency Urges Caution as Heavy Rains Threaten Further Flooding in Accra

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMeT) has issued a warning to the residents of Accra, the capital city, in anticipation of further flooding incidents following heavy rains.

This caution comes in the aftermath of last Friday’s torrential downpour, which inundated various areas of Accra and caused significant disruption.

According to Joseph Portuphy, the Head of Forecasting at the GMeT, the recorded rainfall during the downpour measured a staggering 78 millimeters, which explains the extensive flooding experienced across the city. Portuphy emphasized that Accra would be vulnerable to severe flooding conditions whenever rainfall exceeded 50 millimeters within a span of two to three hours.

If we have rain above 50 millimetres within two to three hours, Accra will be flooded, and that was what happened,” he stated.

Joseph Portuphy also mentioned that even though the city is presently experiencing the minor rainy season, the rainfall is projected to intensify.

Furthermore, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has called on the public to maintain a state of vigilance in anticipation of heavy rains. George Ayisi, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of NADMO, emphasized the agency’s ongoing collaboration with the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMeT) to receive weather updates.

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The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMeT) has forecasted more heavy rains in the coming days. In response to this, George Ayisi, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of NADMO, has advised caution, particularly for travelers and those residing in flood-prone areas.

We are in constant touch with GMeT, and they keep updating us every time. They say the rains are going to be severe, they are going to be heavy, so we should be careful,” Ayisi stated. George Ayisi from NADMO has urged individuals to exercise caution when traveling, especially in areas with trees, and to be vigilant regarding structures with inadequate roofing during the anticipated heavy rains.

Ayisi also recommended identifying safe shelters within the city and considering relocation to safer areas, especially for individuals living in flood-prone regions.

Areas affected by last week’s rainfall included the Tema Motorway, Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, Kaneshie, North Kaneshie, Alajo, Adabraka, Accra Central, Tema, Tema station-Accra, Osu, and several others.

The persistent rainfall, lasting nearly an hour, led to many homes and vehicles being submerged. Drainage systems overflowed, exacerbating the flooding situation, and potholes on roadways were enlarged and deepened due to the heavy rainfall.

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