Ghana Movie Industry is alive and thriving – Lilwin asserts

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as Lilwin, has boldly refuted the notion that the Ghanaian movie industry is in a state of complete decline.

Speaking at the media launch of his highly anticipated film ‘Mr. President’, Lilwin emphasized that the industry’s current state is not as bleak as it may appear.

The launch of the much-awaited ‘Mr. President’ movie took place in preparation for its grand premiere, which is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2023, at the Royal View Cinema, SG Mall in Kumasi.

Lilwin’s statement comes as a response to the prevalent narrative that the Ghanaian movie industry is facing a considerable downturn. In his view, rather than succumbing to pessimism, the industry requires proactive measures to reinvigorate itself.

The actor proposed the establishment of a dedicated ministry or commission specifically aimed at revitalizing the film sector, asserting that such a move would pave the way for innovative strategies to breathe new life into Ghana’s movie scene.

“What Ghana’s movie industry needs is a comprehensive film policy or a film commission to look closely at the film industry again. There is no way that a ministry can cater for tourism, culture, and the arts industry, and I plead that we have a full Ministry of Creative Arts,” Lilwin said.

“The state of the Ghana Film Industry is dire. I have sat back and watched keenly the semblance of a revival taking place in the industry and doff my hat to all the various actors and actresses, especially the Kumasi-based ones, for keeping the film industry alive,” he added.

When questioned about the inspiration behind creating the ‘Mr. President’ movie, Lilwin revealed that his motivation stemmed from a desire to invest in his own craft. He pointed out that the movie industry currently faces financial challenges, which prompted him to take matters into his own hands and contribute to the industry’s growth by producing his own film.

“It is time we kept the name of the movie in the limelight. You might wonder why it is so. It is because the movie itself explores the element of curiosity and how it shapes governance and human expectations, handles disappointments, and finds success in the pursuit of discovery,” Lilwin stated

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