Ghana Police Service Takes On Cybercrime with Nationwide Expansion

The Ghana Police Service has initiated a significant reorganization of its Cybercrime Unit (CU) as part of its larger transformation agenda.

This restructuring involves the decentralization of the unit to all 25 police regional commands across the country, aimed at improving public access to its services.

The reorganization has evolved the CU into an expert unit with a specialization in supporting criminal investigations. It offers a range of services including cyber forensic analysis, digital device forensic analysis, mobile and network forensic analysis, and digital content forensic analysis. This represents a shift from its previous focus on general criminal investigations such as case file assembly and direct handling of suspects.

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During the initial phase of decentralization, specialized training has been conducted for 151 personnel who have been deployed to the 25 police regions nationwide. These personnel will collaborate with regional law enforcement agencies to strengthen criminal investigations within their respective regions.

The training encompasses various critical areas, including digital wallet (mobile money) fraud, Social Engineering, Insider Threats, Online Scams, bank card fraud, File System Forensics, Artifact Analysis, Network, and Memory Forensics.

This decentralization of the CU aligns with the broader goals of modernizing the Police Service and ensuring its preparedness to effectively address emerging threats in the digital age.

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