Ghanaian Emerging Artiste TUF B to Close 2023 with New Single ‘Nevame’

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As the curtain falls on 2023, emerging Ghanaian artist TUF B, hailing from the southern part of the republic, is gearing up to leave his mark with the release of a new single titled “Nevame” on December 20th.

TUF B has steadily gained recognition in the music scene, consistently delivering hit songs that resonate with music lovers and fans alike.

His versatility and collaborative spirit have been evident through various partnerships, including a recent feature with Kush Elikem’s “Odogwu.”

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As TUF B prepares to drop “Nevame,” which literally means, “It Should Manifest”, fans can expect another unique musical experience from the young artist. The single, produced and mastered by Hairlegbe, promises to showcase TUF B’s growth and artistic prowess.

The collaboration with Hairlegbe, a reputable name in music production, adds an extra layer of excitement to “Nevame.” Together, they aim to create a musical journey that captivates listeners and sets the stage for an impactful year-end release.

Music enthusiasts and fans of TUF B are urged to save the date, as December 20th promises to be a day filled with musical delights.

The release of “Nevame” is not just a single drop; it’s an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through the artistry of TUF B.

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TUF B’s decision to wrap up the year with a new release reflects his commitment to providing quality music and ensuring that his audience is treated to a memorable experience.

As the countdown begins, anticipation is high for “Nevame” to become a defining moment in TUF B’s musical journey.

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