Ghanaian Social Media Enthusiast Wins $25,000 in Mr. Beast’s Twitter Giveaway

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Internet sensation Mr. Beast, renowned for his philanthropic gestures, recently made a generous offer to his followers. On his X account (@MrBeast), he announced a unique opportunity for his audience, promising to distribute $250,000 to random individuals who reposted and followed him within a specified timeframe.

His tweet read, “I’m gonna give 10 random people that repost this and follow me $25,000 for fun (the $250,000 my X video made). I will choose the winners in 72 hours.”

Princess Asante, a fortunate Ghanaian, emerged as one of the chosen winners after the 72-hour period. Her name was included in the list of recipients, and she is set to receive an estimated GHC300,000 in Ghanaian cedis as part of Mr. Beast’s generous giveaway.

Subsequently, Princess Asante opted to make her social media account private, perhaps to maintain privacy in light of the newfound attention.

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The announcement and subsequent selection of winners have sparked anticipation among social media enthusiasts worldwide, eager to witness the next benevolent act from Mr. Beast.

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The internet star’s philanthropic initiatives continue to captivate audiences, creating a sense of excitement and positivity in the online community.

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