GODU Threatens National Strike Over VIT Implementation

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The Ghana Online Drivers Union (GODU) has expressed dissatisfaction with the implementation of the Vehicle Income Tax (VIT) for drivers using ride-hailing services.

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) announced the new tax, which is set to take effect on January 1, 2024. In response, GODU has threatened to go on a national strike if the GRA does not engage with them on the matter.

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GODU argues that there was no prior engagement with stakeholders, especially the drivers who will be directly affected by the new tax. They also highlight the absence of appropriate legislative laws governing the ride-hailing industry, leading to uncertainty about whether drivers qualify as owners of commercial vehicles subject to the VIT.

In their statement, GODU calls on the GRA to postpone the implementation of the VIT and engage with the union to address their concerns. They emphasize the need for collaboration to establish a fair and sustainable tax structure for the ride-hailing industry.

However, GODU warns of a potential national strike if the GRA fails to respond. Such a strike could significantly impact ride-hailing services across the country.

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As an alternative, GODU suggests the possibility of imposing a reasonable charge and operational expense, potentially shifting the increased tax burden onto passengers.

Read the full statement below

A Press Statement released by Ghana Online Drivers Union

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