Gomoa Nyanyano: 12 rescued, 1 missing, 2 dead after drowning

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On Saturday, tragedy struck a group of youngsters in Gomoa Nyanyano, where two were killed and 12 others were rescued from drowning.

The children, aged 10 to 15, had gone swimming during their Christmas vacation from Kasoa. The fun-filled day quickly turned into a nightmare, triggering a distress call from locals and a quick response from the police.

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Authorities discovered the lifeless bodies of two victims upon their arrival and successfully rescued 12 additional youngsters from the dangerous scenario. Regrettably, one child remains missing, adding to the family’s agony over the situation.

The municipal chief executive of Awutu Senya East expressed condolences to the families touched by the tragedy.

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He mentioned that representatives from the Ghana Education Service had visited the parents and the owner of the school involved.

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