HAG Awards 2023: Osborn Gatugbe Nominated for Best Child Education Advocate

Osborn Gatugbe has been nominated as the Best Child Education Advocate of the Year for the HAG Awards. The HAG Awards, or Humanitarian Awards Global, recognizes and honors individuals, organizations, and professionals who are making a significant positive impact on humanity’s progress by improving the lives of individuals locally and globally.

Osborn Gatugbe, a young and dedicated individual, is a Professional Teacher who teaches Science, Mathematics, and ICT/Computing at Bakpe D/A Junior High School in the Ho West District of Volta, Ghana. He is also the Chief Director of the Osbrain Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting and defending the wellbeing of vulnerable teenage mothers, particularly girls under the Ghana Education Pregnancy Prevention and Re-entry Policy, and their children.

Gatugbe’s efforts are aimed at reducing poverty and protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable girls and children in deprived communities through education and skill training. He emphasizes the use of technology to create an inclusive ecosystem for vulnerable individuals in society.

His motivation comes from his work with the Girl Centered Design module of Finding the Girl, a program powered by Mercy Corps. He believes in listening to their stories and designing programs that cater to their needs. Gatugbe‘s interests include Children’s Rights, Community Organizing, Women’s Advancement in Technology, Education, Health, and Women’s Rights.

His philosophy is centered around teaching children in ways that suit their learning styles. He strongly believes in providing each child with the opportunity to grow with love and care, considering it an obligation to future generations.

Gatugbe’s humanitarian impacts are diverse and extensive, including supporting teenage mothers in vocational training, securing resources for girls in need, advocating for pregnant girls’ welfare, providing healthcare support, distributing sanitary pads, promoting menstrual health education, advocating for skill training centers, and more.

He also leads initiatives to empower marginalized children, create safer learning environments, and promote inclusive tech innovations to achieve gender equality in Africa. His work and dedication have gained recognition and nomination for the HAG Award as the Best Child Education Advocate of the Year.

Through his efforts and the Osbrain Cares Foundation, Osborn Martin Gatugbe is striving to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of vulnerable girls and children in Ghana and beyond.

Here are some few humanitarian impacts of Osborn Gatugbe and his Team

  • Supported six teenage mothers to undergo sewing training under the National Vocational Institute (NVTI).
  • Secured sewing machines for two SHS girls from Sokode Senior High & Technical and Anlo Technical Institute who faced challenges in obtaining sewing machines and materials for their practical work in school.
  • Enrolled three teenage mothers back into JHS at Bakpe DA Basic.
  • Donated 1000 sanitary pads to girls in marginalized communities to prevent trading “sex for pads”.
  • Advocated for the construction of a skill training center in Bame to address the rise of teenage pregnancies due to lack of job opportunities for youths.
  • Collaborated and sponsored training for 200 students at Ho Technical Universities and Ho Nursing Training College to make reusable sanitary pads, with the aim of community training of young girls in marginalized communities during National Service postings.
  • Provided free BECE preparation sessions for student outside instructional hours since 2012 till date.
  • Founder and leader of “360 Teacher Library,” an online platform supporting educators with teaching and learning resources including virtual workshops without payment.
  • Raised more than GH5700 through 360 Teachers Library, OFA platform and Teacher Promotions platforms for a 2023 BECE candidate requiring thigh surgery at Volta Teaching Hospital, Ho before her Basic Education Certificate Examination


Osborne Gatugbe

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