“I am not an Ungrateful person; I will Speak at the right time” – Lasmid Clears air

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Lasmid Nathaniel Owusu, also known as Lasmid, a talented rapper and singer-songwriter, recently made a significant career move by becoming an independent artist.

During an interview on Ayekoo Ayekoo at Accra 100.5 FM on July 27, 2023, he addressed accusations of ingratitude with composure and confidence.

In response to criticism, Lasmid shared that he views it as a natural part of life, and for him, being criticized is an indication that he is doing something noteworthy. He was clear in stating that he does not consider himself an ungrateful person, firmly dispelling any misconceptions about his character.

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Regarding the controversy between him and Kaywa, the sound engineer, music executive, and founder of Highly Spiritual Music, Lasmid hinted that he would address the issue at the right time, suggesting that there might be more to the story.

When questioned about his association with Highly Spiritual, Lasmid confirmed that he has indeed parted ways with the label. His candid response was, “Oh, since the boss has said so, it’s real,” leaving no room for doubt.

Finally, after some hesitation, Lasmid openly confirmed that he has transitioned into an independent artist, taking full control of his musical journey and creative direction. This bold step marks a new chapter in his career, and he seems determined to make the most of his newfound independence.

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