“I don’t hate Yvonne Nelson” —Victoria Lebene clarifies

It appears that Victoria Lebene, an actress and entrepreneur, has been expressing her disapproval of certain aspects of Yvonne Nelson’s autobiography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.” Victoria has been criticizing Yvonne for including sensitive information about her sex life and past relationships in the book, deeming it unnecessary and potentially damaging.

Some speculate that Victoria’s recent comments stem from preexisting animosity towards Yvonne, and she is simply using the book’s revelations as an opportunity to take jabs at her. However, Victoria clarifies in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz that she does not harbor any ill feelings towards Yvonne. Instead, she believes that Yvonne should have exercised caution when discussing such delicate subjects in the book.

As a mother of two, Victoria argues that it was inappropriate and insensitive for Yvonne to disclose intimate details to the public. She emphasizes that such revelations could harm the reputation of the individuals involved and have negative consequences for their families.

It seems that Victoria Lebene is raising concerns about the potential consequences of sharing personal and sensitive information in a public forum, particularly when it involves the private lives of others.

“I do not hate Yvonne, not at all. I just feel she went overboard with some of the intimate details she shared. I am not saying Yvonne shouldn’t voice out how she felt but she should have been sensitive on how she went about it.

“It would have been appropriate if she had toned down on some of the admissions she made in the book without giving out such explicit details. This is because the same way you think you are healing, that is the same way the others involved may need to heal from this too.

“Sarkodie is bigger now, he wasn’t big at the time. You should consider the person’s reputation considering the fact that he is a married man with children. The emotions of the wife and the children all come to play.

“It is not everybody that can take such things, I may be strong enough to take any bullet that comes my way but not everybody can. She should have considered all these,” she said.

Victoria Lebene further elaborated on her perspective by emphasizing her belief in personal growth and transformation. She stated, “I don’t dwell on the past; instead, I believe that whatever happened in the past should serve as a source of strength and guide me towards becoming a better version of myself.”

By expressing this sentiment, Victoria suggests that she prefers to focus on personal development and learning from past experiences rather than holding onto grudges or dwelling on negative aspects of the past. She likely sees the importance of using challenging moments as opportunities for growth and self-improvement, which can ultimately lead to a more positive and fulfilling future.

This viewpoint aligns with the idea of resilience and self-reflection, indicating Victoria’s desire to overcome obstacles and strive for personal growth and success.

“If I have to write a book, it will be one to empower people, to advise people, I don’t think I want to give a memoir of how I have had sex or how many times I have had an abortion, it doesn’t make sense. But this doesn’t mean I hate her; this is my opinion. It is okay if it’s a strategy to sell the book but sometimes, we should check the sensitivity of things we say and do”, she added.

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