I took tramadol for confidence to approach my crush; I nearly died; 24-year-old man

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In an interview with MyJoyOnline, a man details his almost death situation after what was meant to be a confidence booster almost led to his death.

Kojo [name withheld] was smitten by the lovely young lady.

However since “a first step begins a 100-mile journey,” Kojo wanted to initiate a discussion with the girl of his dreams which was a significant difficulty for the then 24-year-old.

From afar, he admired Efua’s grace and elegance. His spirit begged him to accept the risk, while his body begged him not to.
“My attempts to approach her have always left me feeling humiliated and inept.” 
As a result, Kojo admitted in his pal, “I think I didn’t value myself.” His friend first advised him to approach the girl while intoxicated, but Kojo went against it.

Tramadol was playfully advised by his friend as a way to increase his self-esteem. The young man finally gave in to persuasion and bought the substance after much deliberation.

Without telling my pal I was going to acquire the medicine, I went and purchased it on my own.” I took the medicine the night before I was due to go to work the next day.” 

When he didn’t know how it worked, he snatched up as many as he could and went to work.

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After then, Kojo’s expectations were entirely shattered.

“I went to work, but within an hour, I was exhausted.  I started behaving erratically, hurling insults at random individuals. When I got home, the first thing I did was enter my room. In the morning, I slept for two days straight. “It was approximately 9:00am.”

Kojo says he was partially unconscious throughout the time and needed aid from strangers who had to break into his room.

” There was a nurse in our house, which was fortunate. Before  I was transferred to the hospital, he came over and handed me some medication.

“A hospital stay of two weeks wasn’t pleasant for me.  I was close to death.”, he painfully recalls

When Kojo had fully healed, he determined to be a man and approach Efua in the proper manner.

“I tried to get the girl to go out with me, but I failed.  I lost twice.”

But the experience taught Kojo one major lesson. Since then, he has vowed never to take a medication without consulting a physician.

“people would have said I overdosed on drugs, if I had not made it alive” he sarcastically ended.


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