‘I will paralyze you with an hour sex’ – Prophet Kumchacha challenges Diana Asamoah

During a recent conversation on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show, Prophet Kumchacha threw down the gauntlet, daring gospel artist Diana Asamoah to engage in a sexual encounter with him.

His challenge aimed to prove his potency and disprove her past comments about him.

The controversial statement came as Prophet Kumchacha expressed his disappointment in Diana Asamoah’s shift from focusing on winning souls for Christ to engaging in social media feuds.

Prophet Kumchacha warned Diana Asamoah about the potential consequences of her actions if she decides to spar with social media warriors. He emphasized the negative impact such behavior could have on her reputation and urged her to reconsider her involvement in online conflicts.

The prophet recalled a previous incident where Diana Asamoah allegedly taunted him by questioning his virility and labeling him as impotent.

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In response to her alleged remarks, Prophet Kumchacha boldly claimed that he could render Diana Asamoah incapacitated within an hour in a sexual challenge. By issuing this challenge, he sought to refute her claims and showcase his vitality.

The ongoing feud between the two self-proclaimed Christians has been simmering since October 2022 when Prophet Kumchacha referred to Diana Asamoah as a “slay queen,” igniting the initial clash.

The public confrontation between Prophet Kumchacha and Diana Asamoah has captured the attention of many and fueled intense discussions. Their verbal exchanges and provocative challenges have not only showcased their personal animosity but have also exposed the growing tensions within Ghana’s religious community.

The feud has left followers and observers divided, with some expressing concern over the conduct and behavior of these public figures. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences and impact of public feuds, especially within the religious sphere.

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