Inactive MTN Data Zone Bundle? Here are what you need to know

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Numerous MTN Ghana subscribers, the country’s largest provider of telecommunications services, have been complaining about the inactivity of the MTN data zone bundle service—which was heavily used by MTN subscribers—for about a week now.

Many people have voiced their opinions about the matter without the telecommunications company making any formal statements, with the majority of them claiming that the move is an attempt by the business to suck surplus earnings from its customers.

However, Ted News Ghana‘s underground investigation points to a different conclusion that seems more like a government mandate.

According to our analysis, the National Communications Authority (NCA), Ghana’s principal telecommunications industry regulator, designated MTN Ghana as a Significant Market Player (SMP) in 2020.

The NCA has established this regulatory framework to encourage fair competition and provide an even playing field in the nation’s telecommunications market.

The SMP framework is intended to ensure that MTN Ghana operates in a manner that does not hinder competition because it is a dominant player in the market with significant market power that can be utilized to harm smaller rivals.

A variety of obligations, including pricing limits, network sharing, and access to necessary infrastructure, have been placed on MTN Ghana by the NCA under the SMP.

The directions basically demand that the goods and services produced by MTN Ghana not be the lowest on the market when compared to the other market competitors in order to increase competition in the sector.

This is clear from the abrupt end of some highly popular MTN Ghana offers, such as the free after-1 and free MTN to MTN calls on Sundays.

The MTN Zone package has probably experienced the same fate, which has led to its deactivation from public use. MTN Subscribers should have fewer expectations about being able to use the zone package again as we cross our fingers and wait for an official announcement from the telecommunications firm.


Huda April 9, 2023 - 10:44 pm

NCA and MTN we beg you guys

Teddy Gawuga April 10, 2023 - 2:04 pm

We beg laa. Hahaha


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