Ivan Quashigah Expresses Delight in Directing a Movie for Yvonne Nelson’s Memoir

Ivan Quashigah, the acclaimed film director and CEO of Farmhouse Productions, expressed his enthusiasm at the prospect of directing a movie or play based on Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “I am not Yvonne Nelson.”

During an interview, Ivan Quashigah shared his admiration for the talented actress, describing her as a multi-faceted individual.

Quashigah reflected on Nelson’s growth and development since their initial collaboration on his production titled “Fortune Island.” He recalled being impressed by Nelson’s diverse talents during the casting process, where she showcased her skills in rapping and demonstrated her versatility.

Recognizing her potential, Quashigah anticipated that Nelson would not only become a great actress but also venture into various other endeavors. Seeing her present achievements, he expressed pride in her journey.

“I am not surprised because when I first met Yvonne, right after she did the Miss Ghana competition, and I was looking for stars for ‘Fortune Island’, my self produced Television series, I saw something in her, she rapped during the casting and she did a lot of things that made me see that she has several facets to herself and I knew that she was not only going to become a great actress, but she will do so many other things and this is one of those things and I’m very proud about what I’m seeing today,” he stated.

As the director of the popular series “Yolo,” Quashigah expressed a keen interest in bringing the impactful experiences documented in Yvonne Nelson’s book to either the screen or the stage. The release of Nelson’s memoir, titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” garnered attention on social media due to its revealing content.

The book serves as a reflection of the actor’s life experiences, offering insights into her personal journey towards finding peace and healing. Quashigah’s endorsement highlights his admiration for Nelson’s work and his eagerness to contribute to her artistic endeavors.

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