Juliet Asima Ameyaw Adepa advocates for women’s health and empowerment, leading a campaign to remove taxes on sanitary pads in Ghana

Juliet Asima Ameyaw Adepa, the Women’s Commissioner for the National Health Students’ Association of Ghana, is leading an important advocacy campaign to eliminate taxes on sanitary pads.

She passionately urges the Ghanaian parliament to take decisive action in stopping the taxation of these essential menstrual hygiene products for women.

By championing gender equality and women’s empowerment, she argues that taxing sanitary pads places an unjust financial burden on women, making it difficult for them to access proper menstrual care.

Juliet emphasizes that sanitary pads are a fundamental necessity for millions of women in Ghana, and imposing taxes on these products creates barriers, especially for women from vulnerable communities, to afford adequate menstrual hygiene. She strongly advocates dismantling these obstacles and ensuring unrestricted access to menstrual hygiene products for women.

Her campaign goes beyond seeking the removal of taxes; she also aims to raise awareness about the significance of menstrual hygiene management and its impact on women’s overall health.

Adequate access to affordable sanitary pads is crucial for maintaining dignity, comfort, and well-being during menstruation. Removing taxes on these products would demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting women’s health.

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Juliet Asima Ameyaw Adepa also addresses the enduring cultural norms and taboos surrounding menstruation in Ghana. By highlighting the financial burden of taxing sanitary pads, she hopes to initiate broader discussions on menstrual health and challenge societal stigmas. In her vision for Ghana’s progress, she calls for an environment that fosters gender equality and supports women in all aspects of life.

Her relentless pursuit of gender equality and women’s empowerment envisions a future where menstrual hygiene products are easily accessible and affordable for all women, regardless of their economic status. Through her advocacy, she seeks positive change in the lives of Ghanaian women, striving for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Juliet Asima Ameyaw Adepa’s unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration for others to join in breaking down barriers that impede women’s progress and well-being in Ghana and beyond.

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